1. What to configure - this is part of the book
  2. Coding preferences - no need for this
  3. Common shortcuts - yes
  4. Common task you need to perform - I will do this, I will add this as part of the book
    1. refactor
    2. find some thing across projects
    3. TODO lists
    4. marking blocks of code for commenting
  5. Project organization - yes
  6. Project settings - yes
  7. Java 10 - A small clause. yes

Table 1. Common keyboard shortcuts

Task Linux and Windows macOS
Search within a file CTRL + F ⌘ + F
Search everywhere CTRL + Shift + F CTRL + ⌘ + F
Save all CTLR + S ⌘ + S
Override methods CTRL + O CTRL + O
Implement methods CTRL + I CTRL + I
Basic code completion CTRL + Space CTRL + Space
Build CTRL + F9 ⌘ + F9
Build and Run Shift + F10 CTRL + R
Apply changes (with Instant Run) CTRL + F10 CTRL + ⌘ + R

There are certain actions or option in AS3’s Main Menu that doesn’t have a default mapping to the keyboard e.g. entering a full screen view. In such cases,  you may map a keyboard shortcut of your own choosing to a menu action. You can do this in the keymap settings for AS3. 

android studio 3 keymap

  • Keymaps dropdown lets you select the desired keymap, it switches between the preset keymaps
  • Actions list. Right click on an action to modify it. You can add additional keyboard shortcuts for the action, add mouse shortcuts to associate an action with a mouse click, or remove current shortcuts. If you are using a preset keymap, modifying an action’s shortcuts will automatically create a copy of the keymap and add your modifications to the copy
  • You can use the Search Box to search for a keyboard shortcut using the action name
  • Search by shortcut . You can type the keyboard short cut in this search window to find the action name

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